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Page d'accueil OHP

Call for Observing Proposals at OHP   

2024A : 1st Semester 2024 : (1st March 2024 - 31th August 2024)
deadline : 6th November 2023 at noon

1m93 telescope (supported by INSU)

Since March 2008, the telescope fees (fixed by INSU) are 280 €/night (not including VAT)

On-line proposal submitting procedure
PIs working in a French institute must submit their applications to the National Programs from Saturday 6th October 2023, using the software NorthStar. The deadline for proposal submission is Monday 6th November 2023. Collaborators (Co-Is) not working in a French institute may eventually be charged for telescope fees according to the number of foreign Co-Is and french Co-Is.

Applicants (PIs) not working in a French institute and who are eligible for ORP (ex OPTICON) must submit their applications to the ORP Program.

1m52, 1m20 and 80cm telescopes

Proposals for these telescopes should be submitted directly to OHP by mail for evaluation and, if accepted, will be subject to telescope fees. Deadline is also Monday 6th November 2023. Warning : Due to a shortage of telescope operators only a limited number of nights can be assigned.

A proposal form for these telescopes is available in RTF Format (in French). See detailed instructions for submission.

Last updated : 06/10/2023 06 Oct 2023