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In Paper I, we compared the surface density of QSOs in the Bright Quasar Survey and in the First Byurakan Survey and concluded that the completeness of the BQS is of the order of 70%; Wisotzki et al. (2000) have found that the BQS is 68% complete from a comparison with the Hamburg/ESO survey, in agreement with our previoys estimate. Based on a number of recently published data, as well as on our own new observations, we redetermined the surface density of QSOs brighter than B = 16.16 in the BQS area to be $\sim$0.012 deg-2, implying that the completeness of the BQS is 53$\pm$10%. It should be stressed however that the numbers involved are quite small, and that larger areas should be investigated before a definitive value of the surface density of bright QSOs could be determined.