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OHP Preprint No. 111 : Optical data storage in micro-fibers

Optical data storage in micro-fibers

A. Labeyrie1 and J.P. Huignard and B. Loiseaux2

1Collège de France
et Observatoire de Haute-Provence (CNRS)
04870 Saint-Michel l'Observatoire, France
e-mail: labeyrie@obs-hp.fr
2Thomson-CSF, Laboratoire Central de Recherche, 91404 
Orsay, France

accepté pour publication dans Optics Letters


Tests of optical data storage in arrays of micro-fibers confirm the applicability of the principle and its potential for higher storage densities than achievable with conventional holographic data storage. Arrays of single-mode micro-fibers, spaced 0.78 micron apart and 60 micron long, were generated in a photopolymer film with four laser beams, and simultaneously inscribed with Lippmann-Bragg fringes using a counter-propagating beam. Following the curing steps, spectra of white light retro-reflected from a single fiber exhibit the reconstructed spectral lines of the multi-wavelength laser used in the recording step. 1011 bits/cm2, or 1013 bits on a compact disc, appear recordable.

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