OHP Preprint No. 102 : Nearby Quasar Galaxies

Nearby Quasar Galaxies

M.-P. Véron-Cetty, L. Woltjer

Observatoire de Haute Provence 
F-04870 Saint-Michel l'Observatoire, France
E-mail: mira@obs-hp.fr

paper presented at the ESO-IAC Conference on "Quasar Hosts"
Tenerife, 24-27 september 1996

In this paper four questions will be addressed:
(a) Are the best ground based and HST data on quasar hosts in agreement ?
(b) Do radio quiet quasars occur in elliptical galaxies as well as in spirals ?
(c) Are the colours of quasar galaxies on average bluer than typical gE galaxies, indicating that recent star formation has taken place ?
(d) Is the optical luminosity function of radio quasars and strong radio galaxies more or less the same ?
The answer to all questions will turn out to be affirmative. The implications for unified models will be discussed and a scenario for quasar evolution proposed.

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