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Lodging at OHP

There is a residence on the OHP site (Maison Jean Perrin) for visitors coming to use the observing facilities or to attend meetings, conferences or schools. All rooms in the main building have private shower and toilet facilities. Internet connectivity by cable is available in all rooms. WiFi connectivity is available in the main hall. Rooms in the Annex have not yet been upgraded and have only a private shower. Meals are served in the Main building.

Lodging capacity is 10 double and 11 single rooms in the Main building and 2 double and 10 single rooms in the Annex. It is requested that room confirmation be made at least 3 weeks in advance giving the names and arrival/departure dates for all persons specified in the observing time request form. Approval for the arrival of additional persons must be requested from the OHP Director's office.

We remind all users that Maison Jean Perrin relies exclusively on the revenues derived from lodging (room and board) fees and that it has no financial reserves. We therefore request all users to settle their account before leaving OHP. This can be done now directly at Maison Jean Perrin. Contact Nathalie Bressand (nathalie.bressand AT

All private phone calls will be added to the bill.

Current rates : Rooms | Board

(rates apply as of 2 February 2009)

The Jean-Perrin restaurant, run by EUREST, will re-open on February 2, 2009

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