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Access to Elodie spectra

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Current policy for data taken with OHP instruments grants principal investigators exclusive rights to their observations for a 2-year period (although this period can be extended for long-term projets). Thereafter data are normally made available to the astronomical community. Until 2003 access to spectra taken with the ELODIE spectrograph was indirect. Prospective users had first to consult a list of available observations and then e-mail OHP so that the relevant data be sent to them on CD-ROM or made available by FTP.

Since September 2003 on-line access to fully reduced ELODIE data is available through a dedicated web server:

The ELODIE Archive

This on-line archive currently holds more than 30000 spectra, of which roughly one-half are freely accessible, with more than 6600 different identifiers, although the number of different objects may be smaller. Note that data taken with OHP instrumentation are normally the property of Observatoire de Haute-Provence (CNRS).

Additions as of April 2006:

  • Spectra with S/N between 3 and 10 are now included in the Archive, which holds 33768 spectra, of which 17460 are public (as of 15 May 2006).
  • One spectrum has been released for each of the 994 objects which were previously embargoed.

New features made available in December 2005:

  • Image type information (fiber configuration used) is given
  • Cross-correlation results are available:
    • Barycentric radial velocity
    • Width of correlation peak
    • Depth of correlation peak
  • Unmasked telluric lines is the current default in "customize" page
  • All spectra have been released for 38 radial velocity standard stars
  • Spectra of 51 Peg older than two years have been released

Features available since September 2004:

  • Signal-to-Noise ratio (at 5500 Å) are available for all spectra
  • Identifiers can include wildcards (e.g. GJ% for all GJ objects)
  • Multiple names are accepted
  • Data selection can be made using multiple constraints:
    • Designation
    • S/N
    • Sky position
    • Date
    • Observer's name
    • Program number
  • Users can upload a list of objets for selection
  • Telluric-line removal is an option in "customize" page

The archive is still under active development. The user interface may be modified and new data products be made available. We encourage all users to e-mail their comments and suggestions to the development group (Jihane Moultaka, Philippe Prugniel, Caroline Soubiran, Sergio Ilovaisky and Mina Koleva).

The archive contains most of the data taken between 1994 and 2004. Soon it will contain all observations. Data marked with a protection period longer than 2 years are currently unavailable. We hope that they can be released in some form in the near future.


Here is a short list of links to relevant pages giving information about Elodie, the archive and the data products:


ELODIE: The Stellar Library

Revised version: 13 April 2006