Rapport d'Activité OHP 1996
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Groupe Scientifique de l'OHP

Publications parues en 1996
dans des revues à comité de lecture

		Uniform load and actuator influence functions of a thin or thick annular 	
		mirror: application to active mirror support optimization. 							
		1996, Applied Optics 35, 1095-1106
GS/02 ARNOLD L., LABEYRIE A., MOURARD D. A Lunar Optical Very Large Interferometer (LOVLI) with simplified optics. 1996, Adv. Space Research 18 , No. 11, 49-58 GS/03 1,93m BARANNE A., QUELOZ D., MAYOR M., ADRIANZYK G., KNISPEL G., KOHLER D., LACROIX D., MEUNIER J.P., RIMBAUD G., VIN A. ELODIE: a spectrograph for accurate radial velocity measurements. 1996, A&AS 119, 373-390
GS/04 1,93m CHADID M., GILLET D. Observation of the metallic line doubling phenomenon in the variable star RR Lyrae. 1996, A&A 308, 481-488 GS/05 1,93m CHADID M., GILLET D. Turbulence and broadening line phenomena in the variable star RR Lyrae. 1996, A&A 315, 475-480
GS/06 1,20m CHEVALIER C., ILOVAISKY S.A. The quiescent lightcurve and orbital period of GRO J0422+32. 1996, A&A 312, 105- 110
GS/07 1,52m FOKIN A.B., GILLET D., BREITFELLNER M.G. Pulsating motions and turbulence in d Cephei. 1996, A&A 307, 503-515
GS/08 1,52m FRANÇOIS P., SPITE M., GILLET D., GONZALEZ J.F., SPITE F. Accurate determination of the projected rotational velocity of 51 Pegasi. 1996, A&A 310, L13-L15
GS/09 HAWKINS M.R.S., VERON P. The space density of quasars at z>4. 1996, MNRAS 281, 348
GS/10 JEANNIN L., FOKIN A.B., GILLET D., BARAFFE I. Linear and nonlinear models of the pulsating post-AGB star SAO 96709. 1996, A&A 314, L1-L4
GS/11 LABEYRIE A. Resolved imaging of extra-solar planets with future 10-100 km optical interferometric arrays. 1996, A&AS 118, 517-524
GS/12 1,52m LEBRE A., MAURON N., GILLET D., BARTHES D. A first optical spectroscopic monitoring of the post-AGB star SAO 96709= IRAS 07134+1005: pulsation and shock waves. 1996, A&A 310, 923-932
GS/13 SCIGOCKI D., SCHMIDTLIN E., LABEYRIE A. A balloon-borne interferometer in the upper stratosphere with long flight duration capability: an alternative to a space-based interferometer. 1996, Adv. Space Research 18 , No. 11, 59-65
GS/14 VERON P. PKS 1349-439 and Q 1349-439. 1996, A&A 310, 381-383
GS/15 VERON-CETTY M.P., VERON P. Astrometry with the Digitized Sky Survey. Positions of 790 AGNs. 1996, A&AS 115, 97-115

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