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Publications 2019

Basées (totalement ou en partie) sur des observations obtenues à l'OHP
Revues à comité de lecture | Published refereed papers

Borgniet, S.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Meunier, N.; Galland, F. and 30 co-authors
Extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs around AF-type stars. X. The SOPHIE northern sample. 
Combining the SOPHIE and HARPS surveys to compute the close giant planet 
mass-period distribution around AF-type stars
2019, A&A 621, A87

Du, Bing; Luo, A.-Li; Zuo, F.; Bai, Z.-R. and 15 co-authors
An Empirical Template Library for FGK and Late-type A Stars Using LAMOST Observed Spectra
2019, ApJS 240, 10
193/ELODIE Library interpolator	

Feast, M. W.; Griffin, R. F.; Herbig, G. H.; Whitelock, P. A.
R Coronae Borealis: radial velocity and other observations, 1950-2007	
2019, MNRAS 482, 4174
1m Suisse/CORAVEL

Gvaramadze, V. V.; Maryeva, O. V.; Kniazev, A. Y.; Alexashov, D. B. and 3 co-authors
CPD-64°2731: a massive spun-up and rejuvenated high-velocity runaway star
2019, MNRAS 482, 4408
193/ELODIE Archive	

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