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Basées (totalement ou en partie) sur des observations obtenues à l'OHP
Revues à comité de lecture | Published refereed papers

Aller, A.; Lillo-Box, J.; Vučković, M.; Van Winckel, H. and 4 co-authors
A new look inside Planetary Nebula LoTr 5: A long-period binary 
with hints of a possible third component	
2018, MNRAS tmp, 174
193/ELODIE Archive

Almenara, J. M.; Díaz, R. F.; Hébrard, G.; Mardling, R. and 13 co-authors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. XVIII. Radial velocity confirmation, 
absolute masses and radii, and origin of the Kepler-419 multiplanetary system	
2018, A&A 615, A90

Bonnefoy, M; Perraut, K.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Delorme, P. and 78 co-authors
The GJ 504 system revisited. Combining interferometric, radial velocity, 
and high contrast imaging data
2018, A&A 618, A63

Bouvier, J.; Barrado, D.; Moraux, E.; Stauffer, J. and 9 co-authors	
The lithium-rotation connection in the 125 Myr-old Pleiades cluster
2018, A&A 613, A63

Burdanov, A.; Benni, P.; Sokov, E.; Krushinsky, V. and 18 co-authors
KPS-1b: The First Transiting Exoplanet Discovered 
Using an Amateur Astronomer's Wide-field CCD Data
2018, PASP 130, 4401

Cheng, L.; Zhang, F.; Kang, X.; Wang, L.
A new stellar spectrum interpolation algorithm and its application to Yunnan-III 
evolutionary population synthesis models
2018, MNRAS 476, 4071
193/ELODIE Library

Demangeon, O.D.S.; Faedi, F.; Hébrard, G.; Brown, D.J.A. and 35 co-authors
The discovery of WASP-151b, WASP-153b, WASP-156b: 
Insights on giant planet migration and the upper boundary of the Neptunian desert
2018, A&A 610, A63

Dimitrov, Dinko P.; Kjurkchieva, Diana P.; Ivanov, Emil I.
A Study of the Hα Variability of Be Stars
2018, AJ 156, 61
193/ELODIE Archive

Du, Cuihua; Li, Hefan; Liu, Shuai; Donlon, Tom; Newberg, Heidi Jo
The High-velocity Stars in the Local Stellar Halo from Gaia and LAMOST	
2018, ApJ 863, 87
193/ELODIE Library

Feng, F.; Jones, H.R.A.; Tuomi, M.
An Improved Quantification of HD 147379 b
2018, RNAAS 2, 23
193/SOPHIE Archive

Franchini, M.; Morossi, C.; Di Marcantonio, P.; Chavez, M. and 18 co-authors
Gaia-ESO Survey: INTRIGOSS—A New Library of High-resolution Synthetic Spectra	
2018, ApJ 862, 146
193/ELODIE Library

Frasca, A.; Guillout, P.; Klutsch, A.; Ferrero, R. Freire and 4 co-authors
A spectroscopic survey of the youngest field stars in the solar neighborhood. 
II. The optically faint sample
2018, A&A 612, A96

Gorbaneva, T. I.; Mishenina, T. V.
Hafnium Abundances in FGK Dwarf of Galactic Disk
2018, OAP 31, 75

Halbwachs, J.-L.; Mayor, M.; Udry, S
Multiplicity among solar-type stars. IV. The CORAVEL radial velocities 
and the spectroscopic orbits of nearby K dwarfs
2018, A&A 619, A81
1m Suisse/CORAVEL

Hanke, Michael; Hansen, Camilla Juul; Koch, Andreas; Grebel, Eva K.
ATHOS: On-the-fly stellar parameter determination of FGK stars 
based on flux ratios from optical spectra
2018, A&A 619, A134
193/ELODIE Library

Harmanec, P.; Brož, M.; Mayer, P.; Zasche, P. and 8 co-authors
Improved model of the triple system V746 Cassiopeiae that has a 
bipolar magnetic field associated with the tertiary	
2018, A&A 609, A5
193/ELODIE Archive, 152/AURELIE

Hobson, M. J.; Díaz, R. F.; Delfosse, X.; Astudillo-Defru, N. and 31 co-authors
The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. XIII. 
Two planets around M-dwarfs Gl617A and Gl96
2018, A&A 618, A103

Kacharov, N.; Neumayer, N.; Seth, A. C.; Cappellari, M. and 3 co-authors
Stellar populations and star formation histories of the nuclear star clusters 
in six nearby galaxies
2018, MNRAS 480, 1973

Kahraman Aliçavuş, Filiz
Spectroscopic and photometric studies of a candidate pulsating star in 
an eclipsing binary: V948 Her	
2018, RAA 18, 87
193/ELODIE Archive

Khaykin, S. M.; Godin-Beekmann, S.; Hauchecorne, A.; Pelon, J. and 2 co-authors
Stratospheric Smoke With Unprecedentedly High Backscatter Observed by Lidars 
Above Southern France
2018, GeoRL 45, 1639

Kiefer, F.; Halbwachs, J.-L.; Lebreton, Y.; Soubiran, C. and 6 co-authors 
Masses of the components of SB2 binaries observed with Gaia - 
IV. Accurate SB2 orbits for 14 binaries and masses of three binaries
2018, MNRAS 474, 731

Maldonado, J.; Villaver, E.; Eiroa, C.
Chemical fingerprints of hot Jupiter planet formation
2018, A&A 612, A93
193/SOPHIE Archive	

Martins, F.
Quantitative spectral classification of Galactic O stars	
2018, A&A 616, A135
193/ELODIE Archive, SOPHIE Archive

Mickaelian, A. M.; Harutyunyan, G. S.; Sarkissian, A.
Study and Classification of SDSS Spectra for Byurakan-Iras Galaxies
2018, AstL 44, 351

Monier, R.; Gebran, M.; Royer, F.; Kilicoglu, T.; Frémat, Y.
HR 8844: A New Transition Object between the Am Stars and the HgMn Stars?
2018, ApJ 854, 50
193/SOPHIE + ELODIE Archive

Qian, S.-B.; Li, L.-J.; He, J.-J.; Zhang, J. and 2 co-authors
LAMOST views δ Scuti pulsating stars
2018, MNRAS 475,478
193/ELODIE Library interpolator

Raucq, F.; Rauw, G.; Mahy, L.; Simón-Díaz, S.
Fundamental parameters of massive stars in multiple systems: 
The cases of HD 17505A and HD 206267A	
2018, A&A 614, A60
193/ELODIE Archive, SOPHIE Archive

Rey, J.; Bouchy, F.; Stalport, M.; Deleuil, M. and 17 co-authors
Brown dwarf companion with a period of 4.6 yr interacting with the hot Jupiter CoRoT-20b
2018, A&A 619, A115

Sharina, M. E.; Shimansky, V. V.; Khamidullina, D. A.
Age, Helium Content and Chemical Composition of Globular Clusters 
in the M31 Neighborhood and in our Galaxy	
2018, AstBu 73, 318

Sharina, M. E.; Ryabova, M. V.; Maricheva, M. I.; Gorban, A. S.
The Stellar Population and Orbit of the Galactic Globular Cluster Palomar 3
2018, ARep 62, 733

Soubiran, C.; Jasniewicz, G.; Chemin, L.; Zurbach, C. and 38 co-authors
Gaia Data Release 2. The catalogue of radial velocity standard stars
2018, A&A 616, A7
193/ELODIE Archive, SOPHIE Archive

Takeda, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Osamu; Honda, Satoshi
Spectroscopic Determination of Capella’s Photospheric Abundances: 
Possible Influence of Stellar Activity
2018, ApJ 862, 57
193/ELODIE Archive

Wang, C.; Liu, X.-W.; Huang, Y.; Xiang, M.-S. and 15 co-authors
LEMONY - a library of empirical medium-resolution spectra by observations with the 
NAOC Xinglong 2.16-m and YNAO Gaomeigu 2.4-m telescopes
2018, MNRAS 480, 4766
193/ELODIE Library

Xing, Q. F.; Zhao, G.
Evidence for accreted component in the Galactic discs
2018, MNRAS 476, 5388
193/ELODIE Library

Zakhozhay, O.V.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Kuratov, K.S.; Zakhozhay, V.A. and 3 co-authors
IRAS 22150+6109 - a young B-type star with a large disc
2018, MNRAS 477, 977
193/ELODIE Archive	

Zverko, J.; Iliev, I.; Romanyuk, I. I.; Stateva, I.; Kudryavtsev, D. O.; Semenko, E. A.
Stars with Discrepant vsin(i) as Derived from the Ca II 3933 and Mg II 4481 Å Lines. 
VII. HD9531 (SB), HD31592 (SB2), HD129174 (SB?)
2018, AstBu 73, 351
193/ELODIE Archive

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