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Basées (totalement ou en partie) sur des observations obtenues à l'OHP
Revues à comité de lecture | Published refereed papers

Almenara, J. M.; Damiani, C.; Bouchy, F.; Havel, M. and 9 co-authors 
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. XV. KOI-614b, KOI-206b, and KOI-680b: 
a massive warm Jupiter orbiting a G0 metallic dwarf and two highly inflated planets 
with a distant companion around evolved F-type stars
2015, A&A 575, A71

Anderson, R. I.; Sahlmann, J.; Holl, B.; Eyer, L. and 4 co-authors
Revealing δ Cephei's Secret Companion and Intriguing Past
2015, ApJ 804, 144
193/ELODIE Archive

Antipova, L. I.; Boyarchuk, A. A.
Some problems in determining elemental abundances in the atmospheres of 
giants and dwarfs of the HR 1614 moving cluster
2015, ARep 59, 1015
193/ELODIE Archive

Armstrong, D.J.; Santerne, A.; Veras, D.; Barros, S.C.C. and 23 co-authors
One of the closest exoplanet pairs to the 3:2 mean motion resonance: K2-19b and c
2015, A&A 582, A33

Baluev, R.V.; Sokov, E.N.; Shaidulin, V.Sh.; Sokova, I.A. and 12 co-authors
Benchmarking the power of amateur observatories for TTV exoplanets detection
2015, MNRAS 450, 3101
193/SOPHIE Archive

Barbosa, C. E.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.; Amram, P.; Ferrari, F. and 5 co-authors
GHASP: an Hα kinematic survey of spiral galaxies - X. 
Surface photometry, decompositions and the Tully-Fisher relation in the Rc band
2015, MNRAS 453, 2965

Böhm, T.; Holschneider, M.; Lignières, F.; Petit, P. and 7 co-authors
Discovery of starspots on Vega. 
First spectroscopic detection of surface structures on a normal A-type star
2015, A&A 577, A64

Bonomo, A. S.; Sozzetti, A.; Santerne, A.; Deleuil, M. and 5 co-authors
Improved parameters of seven Kepler giant companions characterized with SOPHIE
2015, A&A 575, A85

Bourrier, V.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Hébrard, G.; Santerne, A. and 10 co-authors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. XVI. 
Tomographic measurement of the low obliquity of KOI-12b, a warm Jupiter 
transiting a fast rotator
2015, A&A 579, A55

Bruno, G.; Almenara, J.-M.; Barros, S. C. C.; Santerne, A. and 8 co-authors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. XIV. 
A joint photometric, spectroscopic, and dynamical analysis of the Kepler-117 system
2015, A&A 573, A124

Bu, Y.; Pan, J.
Stellar atmospheric parameter estimation using Gaussian process regression
2015, MNRAS 447, 256
193/ELODIE Library

Caffau, E.; Mott, A.; Steffen, M.; Bonifacio, P. and 4 co-authors
Chemical composition of a sample of bright solar-metallicity stars
2015, AN 336, 968

Chang, Li-Na; Zhang, Pei-Ai
Application of Multi-task Lasso Regression in the Parametrization of Stellar Spectra	
2015, ChA&A 39, 319
193/ELODIE Library

Courcol, B.; Bouchy, F.; Pepe, F.; Santerne, A. and 22 co-authors 
The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. VII. 
A warm Neptune orbiting HD 164595
2015, A&A 581, A38

Erickson, K.L.; Wilking, B.A.; Meyer, M.R.; Kim, J.S. and 2 co-authors
An Optical Spectroscopic Survey of the Serpens Main Cluster: 
Evidence for Two Populations?
2015, AJ 149, 103
193/ELODIE Archive

Evans, N.R.; Berdnikov, L.; Lauer, J.; Morgan, D.; Nichols, J. and 4 co-authors
Binary Properties from Cepheid Radial Velocities (CRaV)
2015, AJ 150, 13
1m Suisse/CORAVEL

Flores Soriano, M.; Strassmeier, K. G.; Weber, M.
Chromospheric activity and lithium line variations in the spectra of the 
spotted star LQ Hydrae
2015, A&A 575, A57
193/ELODIE Library

Frasca, A.; Biazzo, K.; Lanzafame, A. C.; Alcalá, J. M. and 32 co-authors
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Chromospheric emission, accretion properties, 
and rotation in γ Velorum and Chamaeleon I
2015, A&A 575, A4
193/ELODIE Archive

Gomes-Júnior, A. R.; Assafin, M.; Vieira-Martins, R.; Arlot, J.-E. and 11 co-authors
Astrometric positions for 18 irregular satellites of giant planets 
from 23 years of observations
2015, A&A 580, A76
120/Camera CCD

Gray, R.O.; Saken, J.M.; Corbally, C.J.; Briley, M.M. and 5 co-authors
The Young Solar Analogs Project: I. Spectroscopic and Photometric Methods 
and Multi-year Timescale Spectroscopic Results
2015, AJ 150, 203
193/ELODIE Archive

Harmanec, P.; Koubský, P.; Nemravová, J. A.; Royer, F. and 12 co-authors
Properties and nature of Be stars. 30. Reliable physical properties of a semi-detached 
B9.5e+G8III binary BR CMi = HD 61273 compared to those of other well studied 
semi-detached emission-line binaries
2015, A&A 573, A107

Hartman, J.D.; Bhatti, W.; Bakos, G.Á.; Bieryla, A. and 25 co-authors
HAT-P-50b, HAT-P-51b, HAT-P-52b, and HAT-P-53b: Three Transiting Hot Jupiters 
and a Transiting Hot Saturn From the HATNet Survey
2015, AJ 150, 168

Heiter, U.; Jofré, P.; Gustafsson, B.; Korn, A. J.; Soubiran, C.; Thévenin, F.
Gaia FGK benchmark stars: Effective temperatures and surface gravities
2015, A&A 582, A49
193/ELODIE Library

Houdebine, E. R.; Mullan, D. J.	
Dynamics of Rotation in M Dwarfs: Indications for a Change in the Dynamo Regime
in Stars at the Onset of Complete Convection
2015, ApJ 801, 106
193/SOPHIE Archive

Janz, J.; Forbes, D.A.; Norris, M.A.; Strader, J. and 3 co-authors
How elevated is the dynamical-to-stellar mass ratio of the ultracompact dwarf S999?
2015, MNRAS 449, 1716
193/ELODIE Library

Jofré, E.; Petrucci, R.; Saffe, C.; Saker, L. and 4 co-authors
Stellar parameters and chemical abundances of 223 evolved stars with 
and without planets
2015, A&A 574, A50
193/ELODIE & SOPHIE Archives

Kane, S.R.; Boyajian, T.S.; Henry, G.W.; Feng, Y.K. and 5 co-authors
A Comprehensive Characterization of the 70 Virginis Planetary System
2015, ApJ 806, 60

Karinkuzhi, Drisya; Goswami, Aruna
Chemical analysis of CH stars - II. Atmospheric parameters and elemental abundances
2015, MNRAS 446, 2348
193/ELODIE Archive

Lanzafame, A. C.; Frasca, A.; Damiani, F.; Franciosini, E. and 69 co-authors
Gaia-ESO Survey: Analysis of pre-main sequence stellar spectra
2015, A&A 576, A80
193/ELODIE Library

Le Coroller, H.; Dejonghe, J.; Hespeels, F.; Arnold, L. and 10 co-authors
The Carlina-type diluted telescope. Stellar fringes on Deneb
2015, A&A 573, A117

Luck, R. Earle
Abundances in the Local Region. I. G and K Giants	
2015, AJ 150, 88
193/ELODIE Archive

Luo, A.-Li; Zhao, Yong-Heng; Zhao, Gang; Deng, Li-Cai and numerous co-authors
The first data release (DR1) of the LAMOST regular survey	
2015, RAA 15, 1095
193/ELODIE Library

Mahy, L.; Rauw, G.; De Becker, M.; Eenens, P.; Flores, C. A.
A spectroscopic investigation of the O-type star population in four Cygnus OB 
associations. II. Determination of the fundamental parameters
2015, A&A 577, A23

Makarov, D. I.; Sharina, M. E.; Karachentseva, V. E.; Karachentsev, I. D.
6-m telescope observations of three dwarf spheroidal galaxies with very low 
surface brightness
2015, A&A 581, A82
193/ELODIE Library

Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Zharikov, S. V.; Danford, S.; Manset, N. and 7 co-authors
Toward Understanding the B[e] Phenomenon: V. 
Nature and Spectral Variations of the MWC 728 Binary System.	
2015, ApJ 809, 129
193/ELODIE Archive

Mishenina, T.; Gorbaneva, T.; Pignatari, M.; Thielemann, F.-K.; Korotin, S. A.
Mn abundances in the stars of the Galactic disc with metallicities -1.0 < [Fe/H] < 0.3
2015, MNRAS 454, 1585

Monier, R.; Gebran, M.; Royer, F.
Four new HgMn stars: HD 18104, HD 30085, HD 32867, and HD 53588
2015, A&A 577, A96

Paletou, F.; Böhm, T.; Watson, V.; Trouilhet, J.-F.
Inversion of stellar fundamental parameters from ESPaDOnS and Narval 
high-resolution spectra
193/ELODIE Library

Perraut, K.; Cunha, M.; Brandão, I.; Loridat, J. and 10 co-authors
The fundamental parameters of the Ap star 78 Virginis. 
Could 78 Vir be a rapidly oscillating Ap star?	
2015, A&A 579, A85
193/ELODIE Library

Rauw, G.; Morel, T.; Nazé, Y.; Eversberg, T. and 27 co-authors
Spectroscopic variability of two Oe stars
152/AURELIE, 193/ELODIE Archive

Rauw, G.; Hervé, A.; Nazé, Y.; González-Pérez, J. N. and 7 co-authors
Simultaneous X-ray and optical spectroscopy of the Oef supergiant λ Cephei
2015, A&A 580, A59

Rodrigues da Silva, R.; Canto Martins, B. L.; De Medeiros, J. R.
On the Nature of Rapidly Rotating Single Evolved Stars
2015, ApJ 801, 54
1m Suisse /CORAVEL

Roy Choudhury, S.; Hadamcik, E.; Sen, A. K.
Study of some comets through imaging polarimetry	
2015, P&SS 118, 193

Santerne, A.; Díaz, R. F.; Almenara, J.-M.; Bouchy, F. and 6 co-authors 
PASTIS: Bayesian extrasolar planet validation
II. Constraining exoplanet blend scenarios using spectroscopic diagnoses
2015, MNRAS 451, 2337

Santos, N. C.; Adibekyan, V.; Mordasini, C.; Benz, W. and 9 co-authors
Constraining planet structure from stellar chemistry: 
the cases of CoRoT-7, Kepler-10, and Kepler-93
2015, A&A 580, L13

Shen, Y.; Greene, J.E.; Ho, L.C.; Brandt, W.N. and 15 co-authors 
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: 
No Evidence for Evolution in the M•‑σ* Relation to z∼ 1
2015, ApJ 805, 96
193/ELODIE Archive

da Silva, Ronaldo; Milone, André de C.; Rocha-Pinto, Helio J.
Homogeneous abundance analysis of FGK dwarf, subgiant, and giant stars with 
and without giant planets	
2015, A&A 580, A24
193/ELODIE Archive

Strassmeier, K. G.; Carroll, T. A.; Weber, M.; Granzer, T.
Evidence for enhanced mixing on the super-meteoritic Li-rich red giant HD 233517
2015, A&A 574, A31
193/ELODIE Library

Sun, Jiayi; Shen, Yue
Dissecting the Quasar Main Sequence: Insight from Host Galaxy Properties
193/ELODIE Archive

Vickers, John J.; Smith, Martin C.; Grebel, Eva K.
Red Runaways: Hypervelocity Stars, Hills Ejecta, and Other Outliers 
in the F-to-M Star Regime
2015, AJ 150, 77
193/ELODIE Library

Xiang, M. S.; Liu, X. W.; Yuan, H. B.; Huang, Y. and 15 co-authors
The LAMOST stellar parameter pipeline at Peking University - LSP3
2015, MNRAS 448, 822
193/ELODIE Library

Xing, Qian-Fan; Zhao, Gang; Zhang, Yong; Hou, Yong-Hui; Wang, Yue-Fei; Wu, Yue
A search for Mg-poor stars using LAMOST survey data	
2015, RAA 15, 1275
193/ELODIE Library

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