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Basées sur des observations obtenues à l'OHP
Revues à comité de lecture | Published refereed papers

Adams, Joshua J.; Gebhardt, Karl; Blanc, Guillermo A. and 5 coauthors
The Central Dark Matter Distribution of NGC 2976
2012, ApJ 745, 92
193/ELODIE Library

Aigrain, S.; Pont, F.; Zucker, S.	
A simple method to estimate radial velocity variations due to 
stellar activity using photometry
2012, MNRAS 419, 3147

Barlow, Brad N.; Wade, Richard A.; Liss, Sandra E.; Østensen, Roy H.; Van Winckel, Hans
A Radial Velocity Study of Composite-spectra Hot Subdwarf Stars with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
2012, ApJ 758, 58B
193/ELODIE Library

Barry, R. K.; Demory, B.-O.; Ségransan, D.; Forveille, T. and 10 coauthors
A Precise Physical Orbit for the M-dwarf Binary Gliese 268
2012, ApJ 760, 55

Boisse, I.; Pepe, F.; Perrier, C.; Queloz, D. and 20 coauthors
The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. V. 
Follow-up of ELODIE candidates: Jupiter-analogs around Sun-like stars
2012, A&A 545, A55 193/SOPHIE Bonomo, A. S.; Hébrard, G.; Santerne, A.; Santos, N. C. and 6 coauthors SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. V.
The three hot Jupiters KOI-135b, KOI-204b, and KOI-203b (alias Kepler-17b)
2012, A&A 538, A96 193/SOPHIE Bouret, J.-C.; Hillier, D. J.; Lanz, T.; Fullerton, A. W. Properties of Galactic early-type O-supergiants.
A combined FUV-UV and optical analysis
2012, A&A 544, A67 193/ELODIE Carone, L.; Gandolfi, D.; Cabrera, J.; Hatzes, A. P. and 69 coauthors Planetary transit candidates in the CoRoT LRa01 field 2012, A&A 538, A112 193/SOPHIE Cavarroc, C.; Moutou, C.; Gandolfi, D.; Tingley, B. and 46 coauthors Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission
Resolving the nature of transit candidates for the LRa03 and SRa03 fields
2012, Ap&SS 337, 511 193/SOPHIE Deleuil, M.; Bonomo, A. S.; Ferraz-Mello, S.; Erikson, A.; Bouchy, F. and 41 coauthors Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission. XX. CoRoT-20b: A very high density, high eccentricity transiting giant planet 2012, A&A 538, A145 193/SOPHIE Díaz, R. F.; Santerne, A.; Sahlmann, J.; Hébrard, G. and 19 coauthors The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. IV.
Massive companions in the planet-brown dwarf boundary
2012, A&A 538, A113 193/SOPHIE Elmaslı, Asli Spectroscopic Analysis of the Delta Scuti-Type Star DD UMa 2012, PASP 124, 296 193/ELODIE Archive Elmaslı, A.; Fossati, L.; Folsom, C. P.; Albayrak, B.; Izumiura, H. A spectroscopic study of DD UMa:
Ursa Major group member and candidate for BRITE
2012, NewA 17, 221 193/ELODIE Archive Erikson, A.; Santerne, A.; Renner, S.; Barge, P. and 51 coauthors Planetary transit candidates in the CoRoT-SRc01 field 2012, A&A 539, A14 193/SOPHIE Gendre, B.; Atteia, J. L.; Boër, M.; Colas, F. and 7 coauthors GRB 110205A: Anatomy of a Long Gamma-Ray Burst 2012, ApJ 748, 59 80/CCD Guenther, E. W.; Díaz, R. F.; Gazzano, J.-C.; Mazeh, T. and 50 coauthors Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission. XXI. CoRoT-19b: a low density planet orbiting an old inactive F9V-star 2012, A&A 537, A136 193/SOPHIE Halbwachs, J.-L.; Mayor, M.; Udry, S. Double stars with wide separations in the AGK3 - I.
Components that are themselves spectroscopic binaries
2012, MNRAS 422, 14 193/SOPHIE Houdebine, E. R. Observation and modelling of main-sequence star chromospheres - XVII.
Rotation of dM4 stars
2012, MNRAS 421, 3180 193/SOPHIE Houdebine, E. R. Observation and modelling of main-sequence star chromospheres - XVIII.
Observations of the Ca II resonance lines and Hα line for dM4 stars and dK5 stars
2012, MNRAS 421, 3189 193/ELODIE Archive + SOPHIE Archive Husnoo, N.; Pont, F.; Mazeh, T.; Fabrycky, D. and 3 coauthors Observational constraints on tidal effects using orbital eccentricities 2012, MNRAS 422, 3151 193/SOPHIE Kővári, Zs.; Korhonen, H.; Kriskovics, L.; Vida, K. and 5 coauthors Measuring differential rotation of the K-giant ζ Andromedae 2012, A&A 539, A50 193/SOPHIE Le Coroller, H.; Dejonghe, J.; Regal, X.; Sottile, R. and 9 coauthors Tests with a Carlina-type diluted telescope. Primary coherencing 2012, A&A 539, A59 CARLINA Majaess, D.; Turner, D.; Gieren, W.; Balam, D.; Lane, D. Discovery of the Host Cluster for the Fundamental Cepheid Calibrator Zeta Geminorum 2012, ApJ 748, L9 1m/CORAVEL Mishenina, T. V.; Soubiran, C.; Kovtyukh, V. V.; Katsova, M. M.; Livshits, M. A. Activity and the Li abundances in the FGK dwarfs 2012, A&A 547, A106 193/ELODIE & Archive Montalto, M.; Gregorio, J.; Boué, G.; Mortier, A. and 6 coauthors A new analysis of the WASP-3 system: no evidence for an additional companion 2012, MNRAS 427, 2757 193/SOPHIE Mucciarelli, A.; Salaris, M.; Bonifacio, P. Giants reveal what dwarfs conceal:
Li abundance in lower red giant branch stars as diagnostic of the primordial Li
2012, MNRAS 419, 2195 193/ELODIE Archive Nazé, Y.; Mahy, L.; Damerdji, Y.; Kobulnicky, H. A. and 4 coauthors The 2.35 year itch of Cygnus OB2 #9. I. Optical and X-ray monitoring 2012, A&A 546, A37 193/SOPHIE Neiner, C.; Floquet, M.; Samadi, R.; Espinosa Lara, F. and 23 coauthors Stochastic gravito-inertial modes discovered by CoRoT in the hot Be star HD 51452 2012, A&A 546, A47 193/SOPHIE Nemravová, J.; Harmanec, P.; Koubský, P.; Miroshnichenko, A. and 5 coauthors Properties and nature of Be stars. 29. Orbital and long-term spectral variations of γ Cassiopeiae 2012, A&A 537, A59 193/ELODIE Archive + 152/AURELIE Neves, V.; Bonfils, X.; Santos, N. C.; Delfosse, X. and 5 coauthors Metallicity of M dwarfs. II.
A comparative study of photometric metallicity scales
2012, A&A 538, A25 193/ELODIE + SOPHIE Nieva, M.-F.; Przybilla, N. Present-day cosmic abundances.
A comprehensive study of nearby early B-type stars and implications
for stellar and Galactic evolution and interstellar dust models
2012, A&A 539, A143 193/ELODIE Archive Pasquini, L.; Brucalassi, A.; Ruiz, M. T.; Bonifacio, P. and 6 coauthors Search for giant planets in M 67. I. Overview 2012, A&A 545, A139 193/SOPHIE Polster, J.; Korčáková, D.; Votruba, V.; Škoda, P.; Šlechta, M.; Kučerová, B.; Kubát, J. Time-dependent spectral-feature variations of stars displaying the
B[e] phenomenon. I. V2028 Cygni
2012, A&A 542, A57 193/ELODIE Archive Powell, Stacie L.; Irwin, Mike; Bouvier, Jerome; Clarke, Cathie J. The periodic spectroscopic variability of FU Orionis 2012, MNRAS 426, 3315 193/SOPHIE Rauw, G.; Morel, T.; Palate, M. The nature of the high Galactic latitude O-star HD 93521:
new results from X-ray and optical spectroscopy
2012, A&A 546, A77 193/ELODIE, SOPHIE Ren, Jing; Christlieb, Norbert; Zhao, Gang A search for metal-poor stars pre-enriched by pair-instability supernovae I. A pilot study for target selection from Sloan Digital Sky Survey 2012, RAA 12,1637 193/ELODIE Library Sabater, J.; Verdes-Montenegro, L.; Leon, S.; Best, P.; Sulentic, J. The AMIGA sample of isolated galaxies. XI. Optical characterisation of nuclear activity 2012, A&A 545, A15 193/ELODIE Library Santerne, A.; Díaz, R. F.; Moutou, C.; Bouchy, F. and 5 coauthors SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. VII.
A false-positive rate of 35% for Kepler close-in giant candidates
2012, A&A 545, A76 193/SOPHIE Santerne, A.; Moutou, C.; Barros, S. C. C.; Damiani, C. and 6 coauthors SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. VI.
An additional companion in the KOI-13 system
2012, A&A 544, L12 193/SOPHIE Sesar, Branimir; Cohen, Judith G.; Levitan, David; Grillmair, Carl J. and 7 coauthors Two Distant Halo Velocity Groups Discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory 2012, ApJ 755, 134 193/ELODIE Library Shu, Yiping; Bolton, Adam S.; Schlegel, David J.; Dawson, Kyle S. and 4 coauthors Evolution of the Velocity-dispersion Function of Luminous Red Galaxies: A Hierarchical Bayesian Measurement 2012, AJ 143, 90 193/ELODIE Library Vickers, John J.; Grebel, Eva K.; Huxor, Avon P. Identifying Blue Horizontal Branch Stars Using the z Filter 2012, AJ 143, 86 193/ELODIE Library Zasche, P.; Svoboda, P.; Šlechta, M. First detailed analysis of multiple system V2083 Cyg 2012, MNRAS 421, 1196 193/ELODIE Archive Zhao, J. K.; Oswalt, T. D.; Zhao, G. Fragile Binary Candidates in the SDSS DR8 Spectroscopic Archive 2012, AJ 143, 31 193/ELODIE Library
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