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Basées sur des observations obtenues à l'OHP
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Aihara, H.: Carlos Allende Prieto, Deokkeun An, Scott F. Anderson and 176 coauthors
The Eighth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Data from SDSS-III
2011, ApJS 193, 29
193/ELODIE Library

Albrecht, S.; Winn, J.N.; Carter, J.A.; Snellen, I.A.G.; de Mooij, E.J.W.
The Banana Project. III. Spin-Orbit Alignment in the Long-period Eclipsing Binary NY Cephei	
2011, ApJ 726, 68

Alcalá, J. M.; Biazzo, K.; Covino, E.; Frasca, A.; Bedin, L. R.
IRAS 12556-7731: a "chamaeleonic" lithium-rich M-giant
2011, A&A 531, L12
193/ELODIE Archive

Anderson, D.R.; S.C.C. Barros, I. Boisse, F. Bouchy and 22 coauthors
WASP-40b: independent discovery of the 0.6-Mjup transiting exoplanet HAT-P-27b
2011, PASP 123, 555

Annibali, F.; Grützbauch, R.; Rampazzo, R.; Bressan, A.; Zeilinger, W. W.
Nature vs. nurture in the low-density environment: structure and evolution of early-type 
dwarf galaxies in poor groups
2011, A&A 528, A19
193/ELODIE Library

Baluev, Roman V.
Orbital structure of the GJ876 extrasolar planetary system based on the latest Keck 
and HARPS radial velocity data
2011 CeMDA 111, 235

Barros, S. C. C.; Faedi, F.; Collier Cameron, A.; Lister, T. A. and 30 coauthors 
WASP-38b: a transiting exoplanet in an eccentric, 6.87d period orbit
2011, A&A 525, A54

Beifiori, A.; Maraston, C.; Thomas, D.; Johansson, J.
On the spectral resolution of the MILES stellar library
2011, A&A 531, A109
193/ELODIE Library

Berger, U. ;  Lübken, F. -J.
Mesospheric temperature trends at mid-latitudes in summer
2011 GeoRL 3822804

Boisse, I.; Bouchy, F.; Hébrard, G.; Bonfils, X.; Santos, N.; Vauclair, S.
Disentangling between stellar activity and planetary signals
2011, A&A 528, A4

Bouchy, F.; Bonomo, A. S.; Santerne, A.; Moutou, C.; Deleuil, M.; Díaz, R. F.; Eggenberger, A.; 
Ehrenreich, D.; Gry, C.; Guillot, T.; and 3 coauthors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. III. 
KOI-423b: an 18 MJup transiting companion around an F7IV star
2011, A&A 533, A83

Brand, J.;  Massi, F.;  Zavagno, A.;  Deharveng, L. ;  Lefloch, B
Triggered star formation at the borders of the H ii region Sh 2-217
2011 A&A 527, A62

Chené, A. -N. ;  Foellmi, C. ;  Marchenko, S. V. ;  St-Louis, N. ;  Moffat, A. F. J. ; 
Ballereau, D. ;  Chauville, J. ;  Zorec, J. ;  Poteet, C. A.
A 10-h period revealed in optical spectra of the highly variable 
WN8 Wolf-Rayet star WR 123
2011 A&A 530, A151

da Silva, R.; Milone, A. C.; Reddy, B. E.
Homogeneous photospheric parameters and C abundances in G and K nearby stars 
with and without planets	
2011, A&A 526, A71
193/ELODIE Archive

Delaa, O. ;  Stee, Ph.;  Meilland, A. ;  Zorec, J. ;  Mourard, D. ;  Bério, Ph. ; 
Bonneau, D. ;  Chesneau, O. ;  Clausse, J. M. ;  Cruzalebes, P. ;  Perraut, K. ; 
Marcotto, A. ;  Roussel, A. ;  Spang, A. ;  McAlister, H. ;  ten Brummelaar, T. ; 
Sturmann, J. ;  Sturmann, L. ;  Turner, N. ;  Farrington, C.  
Kinematics and geometrical study of the Be stars 48 Persei and ψ Persei with the 
VEGA/CHARA interferometer
2011 A&A 529, A87
193/ELODIE Archive

De Becker, Michaël ;  McSwain, M. Virginia ;  Aragona, Christina
First results on the optical campaign devoted to the gamma-ray binary candidate HD259440
2011 BSRSL 80, 648

De Becker, Michaël ;  Le Coroller, Hervé ;  Dejonghe, Julien
Prospects for the multiplicity investigation of massive stars with the 
CARLINA interferometer
2011 BSRSL 80, 486

De Propris, Roberto; Rich, R. Michael; Kunder, Andrea; Johnson, Christian I. and 7 coauthors
Separating the Conjoined Red Clump in the Galactic Bulge: Kinematics and Abundances
2011, ApJ 732, L36
193/ELODIE Archive

Ehrenreich, D.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Bouchy, F.; Perrier, C. and 18 coauthors 
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. I. 
Detection of the low-mass white dwarf KOI 74b
2011, A&A 525, A85

Emelyanov, N. V. ;  Arlot, J. -E.
The orbit of Nereid based on observations
2011 MNRAS 417, 458

Enoch, B.; Anderson, D. R.; Barros, S. C. C.; Brown, D. J. A.; Collier Cameron, A.; Faedi, F.; 
Gillon, M.; Hébrard, G.; Lister, T. A.; Queloz, D.; and 29 coauthors
WASP-35b, WASP-48b, and HAT-P-30b/WASP-51b: Two New Planets and an Independent Discovery 
of a Hat Planet
2011, AJ 142, 86

Faedi, F.; Barros, S. C. C.; Anderson, D. R.; Brown, D. J. A. and 29 coauthors
WASP-39b: a highly inflated Saturn-mass planet orbiting a late G-type star
2011, A&A 531, A40

Fahed, R.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Zorec, J.; Eversberg, T.; Chené, A. N.; Alves, F.; Arnold, W.;
Bergmann, T.; Corcoran, M. F.; Correia Viegas, N. G.; and 24 coauthors	
Spectroscopy of the archetype colliding-wind binary WR 140 during the 2009 January 
periastron passage
2011, MNRAS 418, 2

Finkelman, Ido ;  Moiseev, Alexei;  Brosch, Noah ;  Katkov, Ivan
Hoag's Object: evidence for cold accretion on to an elliptical galaxy
2011 MNRAS 418, 1834

Fossati, L. ;  Folsom, C. P. ;  Bagnulo, S.;  Grunhut, J. H. ;  Kochukhov, O. ; 
Landstreet, J. D. ;  Paladini, C.;  Wade, G. A.
A detailed spectroscopic analysis of the open cluster NGC 5460
2011 MNRAS 413, 1132
193/ELODIE Archive

Frasca, A.; Fröhlich, H.-E.; Bonanno, A.; Catanzaro, G.; Biazzo, K.; Molenda-Żakowicz, J.	
Magnetic activity and differential rotation in the very young star KIC 8429280
2011, A&A 532, A81
193/ELODIE Library

Gray, R. O.; McGahee, C. E.; Griffin, R. E. M.; Corbally, C. J.	
First Direct Evidence That Barium Dwarfs Have White Dwarf Companions
2011, AJ 141, 160
193/ELODIE Archive

Griffin, R. F.
Spectroscopic binary orbits from photoelectric radial velocities - Paper 221: 
HD 109803, HD 109954, HD 110195, and HD 117078
2011 Obs 131, 351
1m Suisse/CORAVEL

Griffin, R. F.
Spectroscopic binary orbits from photoelectric radial velocities - Paper 218: 
HD 115461, HD 116247, HD 116345, and HD 120006
2011 Obs 131, 139
1m Suisse/CORAVEL

Hareter, M.; Fossati, L.; Weiss, W.; Suárez, J. C.; Uytterhoeven, K.; Rainer, M.; Poretti, E.
Looking for a Connection between the Am Phenomenon and Hybrid δ Sct -γ Dor Pulsation: 
Determination of the Fundamental Parameters and Abundances of HD 114839 and BD +18°4914	
2011, ApJ 743, 153

Hébrard, G.; Ehrenreich, D.; Bouchy, F.; Delfosse, X. and 17 coauthors 
The retrograde orbit of the HAT-P-6b exoplanet
2011, A&A 527, L11

Hébrard, G.; Evans, T. M.; Alonso, R.; Fridlund, M.; Ofir, A.; Aigrain, S.; Guillot, T.; 
Almenara, J. M.; Auvergne, M.; Baglin, A.; and 37 coauthors
Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission. XVIII. 
CoRoT-18b: a massive hot Jupiter on a prograde, nearly aligned orbit
2011, A&A 533, A130

Henry, Gregory W.; Fekel, Francis C.; Henry, Stephen M.
A Volume-limited Photometric Survey of 114 γ Doradus Candidates
2011, AJ 142, 39
193/ELODIE Archive

Hirano, Teruyuki ;  Narita, Norio ;  Sato, Bun'ei ;  Winn, Joshua N. ;  Aoki, Wako ; 
Tamura, Motohide ;  Taruya, Atsushi;  Suto, Yasushi
Further Observations of the Tilted Planet XO-3: 
A New Determination of Spin-Orbit Misalignment, and Limits on Differential Rotation
2011 PASJ 63, L57

Houdebine, E. R.
Observation and modelling of main-sequence star chromospheres - XV. 
New constraints on the dynamo mechanisms for dM1 stars	
2011, MNRAS 411, 2259

Houdebine, E. R.
Observation and modelling of main-sequence star chromospheres - XVI. Rotation of dK5 stars
2011, MNRAS 416, 2233

Husnoo, Nawal; Pont, Frédéric; Hébrard, Guillaume; Simpson, Elaine and 8 coauthors
Orbital eccentricity of WASP-12 and WASP-14 from new radial velocity monitoring with SOPHIE
2011, MNRAS.tmp..424H

Jacobson, Heather R.; Friel, Eileen D.; Pilachowski, Catherine A.
A Chemical Abundance Study of Red Giants in Open Clusters NGC 2204 and NGC 2243
2011, AJ 141, 58
193/ELODIE Archive

Jacobson, Heather R.; Pilachowski, Catherine A.; Friel, Eileen D.
A Chemical Abundance Study of 10 Open Clusters Based on WIYN
2011, AJ 142, 59
193/ELODIE Archive

Johnson, Christian I.; R. Michael Rich, Jon P. Fulbright, Elena Valenti, Andrew McWilliam
Alpha Enhancement and the Metallicity Distribution Function of Plaut's Window
2011, ApJ 732, 108
193/ELODIE Archive

Katz, D.; Soubiran, C.; Cayrel, R.; Barbuy, B.; Friel, E.; Bienaymé, O.; Perrin, M.-N.
Probing the Galactic thick disc vertical properties and interfaces	
2011, A&A 525, A90
193/ELODIE Library

Keckhut, P. ;  Randel, W. J. ;  Claud, C. ;  Leblanc, T. ;  Steinbrecht, W. ; 
Funatsu, B. M. ;  Bencherif, H. ;  McDermid, I. S. ;  Hauchecorne, A. ; Long, C. ;  
Lin, R. ;  Baumgarten, G.
An evaluation of uncertainties in monitoring middle atmosphere temperatures with the 
ground-based lidar network in support of space observations
2011 JASTP 73, 627

Koleva, Mina; Prugniel, Philippe; de Rijcke, Sven; Zeilinger, Werner W.
Age and metallicity gradients in early-type galaxies: a dwarf-to-giant sequence
2011, MNRAS 417, 1643
193/ELODIE Library

Korotin, S.;  Mishenina, T. ;  Gorbaneva, T. ;  Soubiran, C. 
The non-local thermodynamic equilibrium barium abundance in dwarf stars in the 
metallicity range of -1 < [Fe/H] < +0.3
2011 MNRAS 415, 2093

Lanza, A. F.; Boisse, I.; Bouchy, F.; Bonomo, A. S.; Moutou, C.
Deriving the radial-velocity variations induced by stellar activity from high-precision 
photometry. Test on HD 189733 with simultaneous MOST/SOPHIE data
2011, A&A 533, A44

Lee, Young Sun; Beers, Timothy C.; Allende Prieto, Carlos; Lai, David K. and 6 coauthors
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. V. Estimation of Alpha-element Abundance Ratios 
from Low-resolution SDSS/SEGUE Stellar Spectra
2011, AJ 141, 90	
193/ELODIE Library

Li, Tao ;  Leblanc, Thierry ;  McDermid, I. Stuart ;  Keckhut, Philippe ; 
Hauchecorne, Alain ;  Dou, Xiankang
Middle atmosphere temperature trend and solar cycle revealed by long-term 
Rayleigh lidar observations
2011 JGRD 116, 0P05

McSwain, M. Virginia ;  De Becker, Michaël ;  Roberts, Mallory S. E.; Boyajian, Tabetha S. 
A Multiwavelength Study of the Runaway Binaries HD 14633 and HD 15137
2011 BSRSL 80, 565

Maraston, C.; Strömbäck, G.
Stellar population models at high spectral resolution
2011, MNRAS 418, 2785
193/ELODIE Library

Mishenina, T. V.; Gorbaneva, T. I.; Basak, N. Yu.; Soubiran, C.; Kovtyukh, V. V.
The copper and zinc abundances in stars of galactic sub-structures
2011, ARep 55, 689

Molenda-Zakowicz, J.; Latham, D. W.; Catanzaro, G.; Frasca, A.; Quinn, S. N.
Characterizing Kepler asteroseismic targets
2011, MNRAS 412, 1210
193/ELODIE Library

Moutou, C.; Díaz, R. F.; Udry, S.; Hébrard, G.; Bouchy, F.; Santerne, A.; Ehrenreich, D.; Arnold, L.; 
Boisse, I.; Bonfils, X.; and 15 coauthors	
Spin-orbit inclinations of the exoplanetary systems HAT-P-8b, HAT-P-9b, HAT-P-16b, and HAT-P-23b
2011, A&A 533, A113

Nazé, Y.;  Damerdji, Y. ;  Rauw, G.;  Kiminki, D. C. ;  Mahy, L.; Kobulnicky, H. A. ;  
Morel, T. ;  De Becker, M. ;  Eenens, P. ;  Barbieri, C.
A first orbital solution for the non-thermal radio emitter Cyg OB2 #9
2011 BSRSL 80, 709

Neiner, C.; de Batz, B.; Cochard, F.; Floquet, M.; Mekkas, A.; Desnoux, V.
The Be Star Spectra (BeSS) Database	
2011, AJ 142, 149
193/ELODIE Archive

Pasternacki, T.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Cabrera, J. and 13 coauthors
A Variable Star Census in a Perseus Field
2011, AJ 142, 114

Peacock, Mark B. ;  Zepf, Stephen E. ;  Maccarone, Thomas J. ; Kundu, Arunav
Testing Stellar Population Synthesis Models with Sloan Digital Sky Survey Colors of 
M31's Globular Clusters
2011 ApJ 737, 5
193/ELODIE Library

Perruchot, S.; Bouchy, F.; Chazelas, B.; Díaz, R. F.; Hébrard, G.; Arnaud, K.; Arnold, L.; Avila, G.; 
Delfosse, X.; Boisse, I.;
Higher-precision radial velocity measurements with the SOPHIE spectrograph using 
octagonal-section fibers
2011, SPIE 8151, E37

Prugniel, Ph.; Zeilinger, W.; Koleva, M.; de Rijcke, S.
Kinematics and stellar population of NGC 4486A
2011, A&A 528, A128
193/ELODIE Library

Prugniel, Ph.; Vauglin, I.; Koleva, M.
The atmospheric parameters and spectral interpolator for the MILES stars
2011, A&A 531, A165
193/ELODIE Library

Ribeiro, T.; Baptista, R.; Kafka, S.
V405 Andromeda Revisited	
2011, AJ 142, 106
193/ELODIE Archive

Reed, M. D. ;  Harms, S. L. ;  Poindexter, S. ;  Zhou, A. -Y.;  Eggen, J. R. ; 
Morris, M. A. ;  Quint, A. C. ;  McDaniel, S. ;  Baran, A.;  Dolez, N. ; Kawaler, S. D. ;  
Kurtz, D. W.;  Moskalik, P.;  Riddle, R. ;  Zola, S. ; Østensen, R. H. ;  Solheim, J. -E.;  
Kepler, S. O.;  Costa, A. F. M. ; Provencal, J. L.
Whole Earth Telescope observations of the subdwarf B star KPD 1930+2752: 
rich, short-period pulsator in a close binary
2011 MNRAS 412, 371
193/Photomètre valise

Santerne, A.; Díaz, R. F.; Bouchy, F.; Deleuil, M. and 6 coauthors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. II. 
KOI-428b: a hot Jupiter transiting a subgiant F-star
2011, A&A 528, A63

Santerne, A.; Bonomo, A. S.; Hébrard, G. and 5 coauthors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. IV. KOI-196b: 
a non-inflated hot Jupiter with a high albedo
2011, A&A 536, A70

Schütz, O. ;  Meeus, G. ;  Carmona, A. ;  Juhász, A.;  Sterzik, M. F.
The young B-star quintuple system HD 155448
2011 A&A 533, A54
193/ELODIE Archive

Simpson, E. K.; Barros, S. C. C.; Brown, D. J. A.; Collier Cameron, A. and 34 coauthors
Independent Discovery of the Transiting Exoplanet HAT-P-14b
2011, AJ 141, 161

Simpson, E. K.; Faedi, F.; Barros, S. C. C.; Brown, D. J. A. and 38 coauthors
WASP-37b: A 1.8 M J Exoplanet Transiting a Metal-poor Star
2011, AJ 141, 8

Simpson, E. K.; Pollacco, D.; Cameron, A. Collier; Hébrard, G.; Anderson, D. R.; Barros, S. C. C.; 
Boisse, I.; Bouchy, F.; Faedi, F.; Gillon, M.; and 11 coauthors
The spin-orbit angles of the transiting exoplanets WASP-1b, WASP-24b, WASP-38b and HAT-P-8b from 
Rossiter-McLaughlin observations
2011, MNRAS 414, 3023

Smoker, J. V.; Fox, A. J.; Keenan, F. P.
Distance limits to intermediate- and high-velocity clouds
2011, MNRAS 415, 1105
193/ELODIE Archive

Smoker, J. V. ;  Bagnulo, S.;  Cabanac, R. ;  Keenan, F. P. ;  Fossati, L. ; Ledoux, C.;  
Jehin, E. ;  Melo, C
Early-type stars observed in the ESO UVES Paranal Observatory Project - 
III. Sub-parsec and au-scale structure in the interstellar medium
2011 MNRAS 414, 59

Tal-Or, L.; Santerne, A.; Mazeh, T.; Bouchy, F.; Moutou, C.; Alonso, R.; Gandolfi, D.; Aigrain, S.; 
Auvergne, M.; Barge, P.; and 23 coauthors
CoRoT LRa02_E2_0121: Neptune-size planet candidate turns into a hierarchical triple system with a 
giant primary
2011, A&A 534, A67

ten Brummelaar, T.A.; O'Brien, D.P.; Mason, B.D.; Farrington, C.D. and 14 coauthors
An Interferometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of the Multiple Star System HD 193322
2011, AJ 142, 21
193/ELODIE Archive

Torres, K. B. V.; Lampens, P.; Frémat, Y.; Hensberge, H.; Lebreton, Y.; Škoda, P.
Spectra disentangling applied to the Hyades binary θ2 Tauri AB: 
new orbit, orbital parallax and component properties
2011, A&A 525, A50

Torres-Flores, S.; Epinat, B.; Amram, P.; Plana, H.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.	
GHASP: an Hα kinematic survey of spiral and irregular galaxies - IX. 
The near-infrared, stellar and baryonic Tully-Fisher relations	
2011, MNRAS 416, 1936

Tuomi, M. ;  Pinfield, D. ;  Jones, H. R. A.
Application of Bayesian model inadequacy criterion for multiple data sets to radial 
velocity models of exoplanet systems
2011 A&A 532, A116

Uytterhoeven, K. ;  Moya, A.;  Grigahcène, A. ;  Guzik, J. A. ; Gutiérrez-Soto, J. ;  
Smalley, B. ;  Handler, G.;  Balona, L. A. ; Niemczura, E.;  Fox Machado, L. ;  
Benatti, S.;  Chapellier, E. ; Tkachenko, A. ;  Szabó, R.;  Suárez, J. C.;  Ripepi, V.;  
Pascual, J. ; Mathias, P. ;  Martín-Ruíz, S. ;  Lehmann, H.  ;
The Kepler characterization of the variability among A- and F-type stars. 
I. General overview
2011 A&A 534, A125

Williams, M.J.; Zamojski, M.A.; Bureau, M.; Kuntschner, H.; Merrifield, M.R.; de Zeeuw, P.T.; Kuijken, K.
The stellar kinematics and populations of boxy bulges: cylindrical rotation and vertical gradients
2011, MNRAS 414, 2163
193/ELODIE Library

Wright, D. J.; Chené, A.-N.; De Cat, P.; Marois, C. and 5 coauthors 
Determination of the Inclination of the Multi-planet Hosting Star HR 8799 Using Asteroseismology	
2011, ApJ 728, L20

Wu, Yue; Singh, H. P.; Prugniel, P.; Gupta, R.; Koleva, M.
Coudé-feed stellar spectral library - atmospheric parameters
2011, A&A 525, A71
193/ELODIE Library

Wu, Yue ;  Luo, A. -Li ;  Li, Hai-Ning;  Shi, Jian-Rong ;  Prugniel, Philippe ; 
Liang, Yan-Chun ;  Zhao, Yong-Heng;  Zhang, Jian-Nan ;  Bai, Zhong-Rui ; Wei, Peng ;  
Dong, Wei-Xiang ;  Zhang, Hao-Tong ;  Chen, Jian-Jun
Automatic determination of stellar atmospheric parameters and construction of stellar 
spectral templates of the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST)
2011 RAA 11, 924
193/ELODIE Library

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