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Basées sur des observations obtenues à l'OHP
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Aihara, H.: Carlos Allende Prieto, Deokkeun An, Scott F. Anderson and 176 coauthors
The Eighth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Data from SDSS-III
2011, ApJS 193, 29
193/ELODIE Library

Albrecht, S.; Winn, J.N.; Carter, J.A.; Snellen, I.A.G.; de Mooij, E.J.W.
The Banana Project. III. Spin-Orbit Alignment in the Long-period Eclipsing Binary NY Cephei	
2011, ApJ 726, 68

Alcalá, J. M.; Biazzo, K.; Covino, E.; Frasca, A.; Bedin, L. R.
IRAS 12556-7731: a "chamaeleonic" lithium-rich M-giant
2011, A&A 531, L12
193/ELODIE Archive

Anderson, D.R.; S.C.C. Barros, I. Boisse, F. Bouchy and 22 coauthors
WASP-40b: independent discovery of the 0.6-Mjup transiting exoplanet HAT-P-27b
2011, PASP 123, 555

Annibali, F.; Grützbauch, R.; Rampazzo, R.; Bressan, A.; Zeilinger, W. W.
Nature vs. nurture in the low-density environment: structure and evolution of early-type 
dwarf galaxies in poor groups
2011, A&A 528, A19
193/ELODIE Library

Barros, S. C. C.; Faedi, F.; Collier Cameron, A.; Lister, T. A. and 30 coauthors 
WASP-38b: a transiting exoplanet in an eccentric, 6.87d period orbit
2011, A&A 525, A54

Beifiori, A.; Maraston, C.; Thomas, D.; Johansson, J.
On the spectral resolution of the MILES stellar library
2011, A&A 531, A109
193/ELODIE Library

Boisse, I.; Bouchy, F.; Hébrard, G.; Bonfils, X.; Santos, N.; Vauclair, S.
Disentangling between stellar activity and planetary signals
2011, A&A 528, A4

Bouchy, F.; Bonomo, A. S.; Santerne, A.; Moutou, C.; Deleuil, M.; Díaz, R. F.; Eggenberger, A.; 
Ehrenreich, D.; Gry, C.; Guillot, T.; and 3 coauthors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. III. 
KOI-423b: an 18 MJup transiting companion around an F7IV star
2011, A&A 533, A83

da Silva, R.; Milone, A. C.; Reddy, B. E.
Homogeneous photospheric parameters and C abundances in G and K nearby stars 
with and without planets	
2011, A&A 526, A71
193/ELODIE Archive

De Propris, Roberto; Rich, R. Michael; Kunder, Andrea; Johnson, Christian I. and 7 coauthors
Separating the Conjoined Red Clump in the Galactic Bulge: Kinematics and Abundances
2011, ApJ 732, L36
193/ELODIE Archive

Ehrenreich, D.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Bouchy, F.; Perrier, C. and 18 coauthors 
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. I. 
Detection of the low-mass white dwarf KOI 74b
2011, A&A 525, A85

Enoch, B.; Anderson, D. R.; Barros, S. C. C.; Brown, D. J. A.; Collier Cameron, A.; Faedi, F.; 
Gillon, M.; Hébrard, G.; Lister, T. A.; Queloz, D.; and 29 coauthors
WASP-35b, WASP-48b, and HAT-P-30b/WASP-51b: Two New Planets and an Independent Discovery 
of a Hat Planet
2011, AJ 142, 86

Faedi, F.; Barros, S. C. C.; Anderson, D. R.; Brown, D. J. A. and 29 coauthors
WASP-39b: a highly inflated Saturn-mass planet orbiting a late G-type star
2011, A&A 531, A40

Fahed, R.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Zorec, J.; Eversberg, T.; Chené, A. N.; Alves, F.; Arnold, W.;
Bergmann, T.; Corcoran, M. F.; Correia Viegas, N. G.; and 24 coauthors	
Spectroscopy of the archetype colliding-wind binary WR 140 during the 2009 January 
periastron passage
2011, MNRAS 418, 2

Frasca, A.; Fröhlich, H.-E.; Bonanno, A.; Catanzaro, G.; Biazzo, K.; Molenda-Żakowicz, J.	
Magnetic activity and differential rotation in the very young star KIC 8429280
2011, A&A 532, A81
193/ELODIE Library

Gray, R. O.; McGahee, C. E.; Griffin, R. E. M.; Corbally, C. J.	
First Direct Evidence That Barium Dwarfs Have White Dwarf Companions
2011, AJ 141, 160
193/ELODIE Archive

Hareter, M.; Fossati, L.; Weiss, W.; Suárez, J. C.; Uytterhoeven, K.; Rainer, M.; Poretti, E.
Looking for a Connection between the Am Phenomenon and Hybrid δ Sct -γ Dor Pulsation: 
Determination of the Fundamental Parameters and Abundances of HD 114839 and BD +18°4914	
2011, ApJ 743, 153

Hébrard, G.; Ehrenreich, D.; Bouchy, F.; Delfosse, X. and 17 coauthors 
The retrograde orbit of the HAT-P-6b exoplanet
2011, A&A 527, L11

Hébrard, G.; Evans, T. M.; Alonso, R.; Fridlund, M.; Ofir, A.; Aigrain, S.; Guillot, T.; 
Almenara, J. M.; Auvergne, M.; Baglin, A.; and 37 coauthors
Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission. XVIII. 
CoRoT-18b: a massive hot Jupiter on a prograde, nearly aligned orbit
2011, A&A 533, A130

Henry, Gregory W.; Fekel, Francis C.; Henry, Stephen M.
A Volume-limited Photometric Survey of 114 γ Doradus Candidates
2011, AJ 142, 39
193/ELODIE Archive

Houdebine, E. R.
Observation and modelling of main-sequence star chromospheres - XV. 
New constraints on the dynamo mechanisms for dM1 stars	
2011, MNRAS 411, 2259

Houdebine, E. R.
Observation and modelling of main-sequence star chromospheres - XVI. Rotation of dK5 stars
2011, MNRAS 416, 2233

Husnoo, Nawal; Pont, Frédéric; Hébrard, Guillaume; Simpson, Elaine and 8 coauthors
Orbital eccentricity of WASP-12 and WASP-14 from new radial velocity monitoring with SOPHIE
2011, MNRAS.tmp..424H

Jacobson, Heather R.; Friel, Eileen D.; Pilachowski, Catherine A.
A Chemical Abundance Study of Red Giants in Open Clusters NGC 2204 and NGC 2243
2011, AJ 141, 58
193/ELODIE Archive

Jacobson, Heather R.; Pilachowski, Catherine A.; Friel, Eileen D.
A Chemical Abundance Study of 10 Open Clusters Based on WIYN
2011, AJ 142, 59
193/ELODIE Archive

Johnson, Christian I.; R. Michael Rich, Jon P. Fulbright, Elena Valenti, Andrew McWilliam
Alpha Enhancement and the Metallicity Distribution Function of Plaut's Window
2011, ApJ 732, 108
193/ELODIE Archive

Katz, D.; Soubiran, C.; Cayrel, R.; Barbuy, B.; Friel, E.; Bienaymé, O.; Perrin, M.-N.
Probing the Galactic thick disc vertical properties and interfaces	
2011, A&A 525, A90
193/CARELEC, 193/ELODIE Library

Koleva, Mina; Prugniel, Philippe; de Rijcke, Sven; Zeilinger, Werner W.
Age and metallicity gradients in early-type galaxies: a dwarf-to-giant sequence
2011, MNRAS 417, 1643
193/CARELEC + 193/ELODIE Library

Lanza, A. F.; Boisse, I.; Bouchy, F.; Bonomo, A. S.; Moutou, C.
Deriving the radial-velocity variations induced by stellar activity from high-precision 
photometry. Test on HD 189733 with simultaneous MOST/SOPHIE data
2011, A&A 533, A44

Lee, Young Sun; Beers, Timothy C.; Allende Prieto, Carlos; Lai, David K. and 6 coauthors
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. V. Estimation of Alpha-element Abundance Ratios 
from Low-resolution SDSS/SEGUE Stellar Spectra
2011, AJ 141, 90	
193/ELODIE Library

Maraston, C.; Strömbäck, G.
Stellar population models at high spectral resolution
2011, MNRAS 418, 2785
193/ELODIE Library

Mishenina, T. V.; Gorbaneva, T. I.; Basak, N. Yu.; Soubiran, C.; Kovtyukh, V. V.
The copper and zinc abundances in stars of galactic sub-structures
2011, ARep 55, 689

Molenda-Zakowicz, J.; Latham, D. W.; Catanzaro, G.; Frasca, A.; Quinn, S. N.
Characterizing Kepler asteroseismic targets
2011, MNRAS 412, 1210
193/ELODIE Library

Moutou, C.; Díaz, R. F.; Udry, S.; Hébrard, G.; Bouchy, F.; Santerne, A.; Ehrenreich, D.; Arnold, L.; 
Boisse, I.; Bonfils, X.; and 15 coauthors	
Spin-orbit inclinations of the exoplanetary systems HAT-P-8b, HAT-P-9b, HAT-P-16b, and HAT-P-23b
2011, A&A 533, A113

Neiner, C.; de Batz, B.; Cochard, F.; Floquet, M.; Mekkas, A.; Desnoux, V.
The Be Star Spectra (BeSS) Database	
2011, AJ 142, 149
193/ELODIE Archive

Pasternacki, T.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Cabrera, J. and 13 coauthors
A Variable Star Census in a Perseus Field
2011, AJ 142, 114

Perruchot, S.; Bouchy, F.; Chazelas, B.; Díaz, R. F.; Hébrard, G.; Arnaud, K.; Arnold, L.; Avila, G.; 
Delfosse, X.; Boisse, I.;
Higher-precision radial velocity measurements with the SOPHIE spectrograph using 
octagonal-section fibers
2011, SPIE 8151, E37

Prugniel, Ph.; Zeilinger, W.; Koleva, M.; de Rijcke, S.
Kinematics and stellar population of NGC 4486A
2011, A&A 528, A128
193/ELODIE Library

Prugniel, Ph.; Vauglin, I.; Koleva, M.
The atmospheric parameters and spectral interpolator for the MILES stars
2011, A&A 531, A165
193/ELODIE Library

Ribeiro, T.; Baptista, R.; Kafka, S.
V405 Andromeda Revisited	
2011, AJ 142, 106
193/ELODIE Archive

Santerne, A.; Díaz, R. F.; Bouchy, F.; Deleuil, M. and 6 coauthors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. II. 
KOI-428b: a hot Jupiter transiting a subgiant F-star
2011, A&A 528, A63

Santerne, A.; Bonomo, A. S.; Hébrard, G. and 5 coauthors
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. IV. KOI-196b: 
a non-inflated hot Jupiter with a high albedo
2011, A&A 536, A70

Simpson, E. K.; Barros, S. C. C.; Brown, D. J. A.; Collier Cameron, A. and 34 coauthors
Independent Discovery of the Transiting Exoplanet HAT-P-14b
2011, AJ 141, 161

Simpson, E. K.; Faedi, F.; Barros, S. C. C.; Brown, D. J. A. and 38 coauthors
WASP-37b: A 1.8 M J Exoplanet Transiting a Metal-poor Star
2011, AJ 141, 8

Simpson, E. K.; Pollacco, D.; Cameron, A. Collier; Hébrard, G.; Anderson, D. R.; Barros, S. C. C.; 
Boisse, I.; Bouchy, F.; Faedi, F.; Gillon, M.; and 11 coauthors
The spin-orbit angles of the transiting exoplanets WASP-1b, WASP-24b, WASP-38b and HAT-P-8b from 
Rossiter-McLaughlin observations
2011, MNRAS 414, 3023

Smoker, J. V.; Fox, A. J.; Keenan, F. P.
Distance limits to intermediate- and high-velocity clouds
2011, MNRAS 415, 1105
193/ELODIE Archive

Tal-Or, L.; Santerne, A.; Mazeh, T.; Bouchy, F.; Moutou, C.; Alonso, R.; Gandolfi, D.; Aigrain, S.; 
Auvergne, M.; Barge, P.; and 23 coauthors
CoRoT LRa02_E2_0121: Neptune-size planet candidate turns into a hierarchical triple system with a 
giant primary
2011, A&A 534, A67

ten Brummelaar, T.A.; O'Brien, D.P.; Mason, B.D.; Farrington, C.D. and 14 coauthors
An Interferometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of the Multiple Star System HD 193322
2011, AJ 142, 21
193/ELODIE Archive

Torres, K. B. V.; Lampens, P.; Frémat, Y.; Hensberge, H.; Lebreton, Y.; Škoda, P.
Spectra disentangling applied to the Hyades binary θ2 Tauri AB: 
new orbit, orbital parallax and component properties
2011, A&A 525, A50

Torres-Flores, S.; Epinat, B.; Amram, P.; Plana, H.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.	
GHASP: an Hα kinematic survey of spiral and irregular galaxies - IX. 
The near-infrared, stellar and baryonic Tully-Fisher relations	
2011, MNRAS 416, 1936

Williams, M.J.; Zamojski, M.A.; Bureau, M.; Kuntschner, H.; Merrifield, M.R.; de Zeeuw, P.T.; Kuijken, K.
The stellar kinematics and populations of boxy bulges: cylindrical rotation and vertical gradients
2011, MNRAS 414, 2163
193/ELODIE Library

Wright, D. J.; Chené, A.-N.; De Cat, P.; Marois, C. and 5 coauthors 
Determination of the Inclination of the Multi-planet Hosting Star HR 8799 Using Asteroseismology	
2011, ApJ 728, L20

Wu, Yue; Singh, H. P.; Prugniel, P.; Gupta, R.; Koleva, M.
Coudé-feed stellar spectral library - atmospheric parameters
2011, A&A 525, A71
193/ELODIE Library

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