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OHP participates in the OPTICON Access Program

The OPTICON Infrastructure Coordination network brings together all of Western Europe's owners and operators of large observatories and data centers. Within OPTICON, the COMET (The Co-Operation of Many European Telescopes) collaboration aims at a distributed, pan-European observatory accessible to astronomers from the EU and the accession countries. For more information, see the Trans-national Access Program web site and the brochure prepared by the medium-sized telescopes working group of OPTICON.

Participating observatories will offer a small percentage (<20%) of telescope time to all european astronomers on the basis of competitive proposals.

Observatoire de Haute-Provence is participating in the OPTICON Access program by making available up to 20% of the observing time at the 1.93-m telescope, where both the Elodie echelle spectrograph and the Carelec long-slit spectrograph are available.

Deadline for OHP proposals for the period
1 March - 31 August 2007:

20 October 2006

Please read the pre-release announcement of the opening of the OPTICON Access program. Also the EAS announcement.

To prepare your proposals please use the special forms available in LaTeX or RTF formats.
Please read about the details concerning proposal submission procedures and other important information.

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