An international colloquium

Detection and dynamics of transiting exoplanets

Observatoire de Haute-Provence, France, 23 - 27 August 2010

First announcement
  (30th  november 2009)

In the decade since the first detection of an exoplanetary transit, more than 60 transiting exoplanets have been discovered and characterized, using both ground-based and space-based observations.  A few systems including a transiting planet have also been discovered, providing precise data that can be used for dynamical modelling and for investigating the processes of planet formation and migration. Observations of transits provide not only fundamental parameters of the planet, but also the relative inclination between the orbit and the stellar rotation axis, which offers additional constraints on formation and migration scenarios. The Colloquium "Detection and dynamics of transiting exoplanets" is intended to review all the observed characteristics of transiting systems, and all theoretical works related to the measured properties.

Main topics of this colloquium include:

- masses and radii of transiting planets
- internal structure modelling
- observed inclination and eccentricity of transiting systems
- dynamics of systems, links from observations to theory
- formation and migration scenarios
- observations and modelling of transit timing variations
- star-planet interactions in transiting systems: tides, irradiation
- future observational projects

The Observatoire de Haute-Provence is located in southern France, near the village of Saint Michel l'Observatoire. Among the discoveries made from this location are 51 Peg b in 1995 and HD 189733 b in 2005 with ELODIE. The 193-cm telescope is now equipped with SOPHIE, which makes important contributions to studies of transiting exoplanets. Up to 80 participants are expected. Most of them can be lodged inside the Observatory for the period of the Colloquium, the others will be lodged in the hotels around, all within 15min by car from OHP. Students and post-docs are encouraged to participate and contribute their work, and can apply for a travel grant.

Important deadlines:
November 2009 : first announcement
1st January - 1st May 2010: registration open
1st January - 1st July : abstract submission
23 – 27 August 2010 : Colloquium
15 December 2010 : publication of proceedings

G. Bakos, F. Bouchy, A. Cameron, A. Correia, S. Ferraz-Melo, G. Hébrard, J. Laskar, D. Latham, G. Laughlin, C. Moutou (chair), S. Udry (co-chair), J. Winn

L. Arnold, F. Bouchy (chair), N. Bressand, R. Diaz, A.M. Galliano, A. Laloge (secretary), A. Santerne


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