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SOPHIE : a stabilized instrument

We illustrate here measurements of the pressure and temperature for some of the probes around the SOPHIE spectrograph, over the interval 15 February through 1 March 2007. The first plot illustrates the pressure within the sealed constant-volume vessel containing the dispersive elements (blue curve, stable to within ±0.047 mb, compared to the atmospheric pressure (red curve).

The second plot shows the following temperatures : inside the sealed vessel (blue curve, stable to within ±0.012°, in the observing room (red curve), within the general spectrograph enclosure (grey curve) and under the spectrograph cover (green curve). The regularly spaced dips in the latter two curves are due to a small thermal shock during cryostat re-filling, which normally takes place every 24 hours, in the morning. A small residual effect is seen in the blue curve.

updated: 22.03.07