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Examples of SOPHIE Raw and Extracted spectra

Raw spectrum of HR 8634, a B8V spectrophotometric standard

Raw spectrum of HD 209458, a G0V star with an extra-solar planet

Extracted spectrum of HR 8634

Extracted spectrum of HD 209458

Examples of raw and extracted spectra, obtained in the high-efficiency (HE) mode on August 5/6. The raw spectra actually have 41 usable echelle orders but the nominal coverage spans the interval 3872-6943 Å. The extracted spectra, which presently cover only 39 orders, are shown zoomed vertically by a factor 50 for the viewer's convenience. The sharp telluric water vapor bands are clearly seen in the topmost extracted order. The contrast between the hot star spectrum, dominated by the broad Hydrogen lines and the cool solar-type spectrum, dominated by metallic lines, is striking. The left-to-right modulation, most noticeable in the blue (bottom of each picture), is due to the blaze function. A few spikes visible in the right-hand spectra have not yet been supressed by the extraction software.

08.08.06 / updated 07.04.07