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Observing with SOPHIE :
How to create your own catalog

You can also use our new Catalog Generator

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All catalogs needed for observing with SOPHIE should be located in the machine sophiests.obs-hp.fr, alias "STS," in the directory: /home/sophie/catalogs/. Data selected from the catalogs will be inserted as FITS keywords in the CCD frames and will be used for the automatic data reduction pipeline which runs on the machine sophiedrs.obs-hp.fr, alias "DRS." The file format for the catalog is simple ASCII, with fields separated by tab marks, much like the old format for ELODIE, with UNIX (LF) or DOS (CR) line endings.

We recommend that observers prepare their catalogs well in advance and bring them on a USB key or a CD-ROM.

Here is an (older) example of valid catalog entries :

name alpha delta mv spectr sn texp radvel st tpltype mualpha mudelta equinox epoch progid piname readmode status remarks
---- ----- ----- -- ------ -- ---- ------ -- ------- ------- ------- ------- ----- ------ ------ -------- ------ -------
Eta_Cas 00:49:06.29 +57:48:54.67 3.45 G0V 200 60 10.0 G0 HR_obs_thosimult 0.1087 -0.5597 2000.0 2000 06B.PNPS.FBOU Bouchy fast public VSS
Ups_And 01:36:47.84 +41:24:19.65 4.09 F8V 200 60 -28.3 F8 HR_obs_thosimult -0.1726 -0.3810 2000.0 2000 06B.PNPS.FBOU Bouchy fast public VSS
Sig_Dra 19:32:21.59 +69:39:40.23 4.70 K0V 200 60 26.7 K0 HR_obs_thosimult 0.5983 -0.1739 2000.0 2000 06B.PNPS.FBOU Bouchy fast public VSS
Procyon 07:39:18.12 +05:13:30.00 0.34 F5IV 400 15 -2.6 F5 HR_obs_thosimult -0.7166 -1.0346 2000.0 2000 06B.PNPS.FBOU Bouchy fast protected Martic
Procyon 07:39:18.12 +05:13:30.00 0.34 F5IV 400 15 -2.6 F5 HR_obs_objAB -0.7166 -1.0346 2000.0 2000 06B.PNPS.FBOU Bouchy fast protected Martic
FU_Ori 05:45:22.36 +09:04:12.31 8.94 G3Iav 100 1800 9999 G3 HR_obs_objAB 0.0 0.0 2000.0 2000 06B.PNPS.JBO1 Bouvier medium protected

NEW : the catalog now accepts a column for the B-V color index. In some cases this may be used by the DRS to derive values for the v_sin(i) and the metallicity from the CCF.

Warning : Do not use word-processing software to prepare your catalog, as extraneous control characters or spaces might be inserted which would render the catalog unreadable by the STS. Please use ASCII text editors such as emacs, nedit, pico, etc.

PLEASE READ THIS: Simultaneous Thorium exposures in HR mode should not be used below S/N=80. In such cases we recommend HE mode with no simultaneous Thorium, and selecting 'obs_objAB' rather than 'obs_objA'.

Description of catalog entries




Name of the object
recognized by SIMBAD


Right Ascension
00:00:00.00 format


±00:00:00.0 format


Apparent V magnitude


Spectral type of correlation mask
Are currently available:
G2, F0, K0, K5, M4, M5


B-V color index
used by DRS in deriving v_sin(i)
and a metallicity index from the CCF


Desired Signal-to-noise ratio (at 5500 Å)
may be used by STS to compute the exposure time
(click on "Calc texp")


Required exposure time


Known radial velocity, in km/s
used by the DRS to compute a CCF around this value (use 9999 if unknown)


Spectral type
(Warning : not used for the correlation)


Observing mode
See table below


Proper motion in R.A.


Proper motion in Dec.


Equinox for the coordinates


Year for which the coordinates are given
Useful only for high proper-motion stars


Program Identification Number
Issued by OHP and posted in the observing room.
Needed for management of database


name of Principal Investigator


CCD read-out mode
fast or slow


level of data protection
public, protected or extended


Put here your object's favorite name,
but not in 'name'

Most of the information required to fill out your catalog can be found using Simbad.

1Available read-out modes: fast, medium, slow
(See SOPHIE web page).
The default value is "fast". "medium" is not recommended.

2Valid status values: public, protected, extended
The default value is "protected" (1 year).
"Extended" (5 years) can be granted exceptionally for certain long-term programs.

Beware: There is only one tab mark between fields. For the DRS to compute useful radial velocities, please fill in the 'st' field. The 'bv' field may, in some cases, be used by the DRS to estimate a metallicity index. Please put 999.9 in unknown. If calculated, this index will be written in the FITS headers.


SOPHIE Observing modes
HR_obs_objA Star on fiber A in HR mode. Fiber B masked.
HR_obs_objAB Star on fiber A in HR mode. Sky on fiber B.
HE_obs_objA Star on fiber A in HE mode. Fiber B masked.
HE_obs_objAB Star on fiber A in HE mode. Sky on fiber B.
HR_obs_thosimult Star on fiber A in HR mode.
Simultaneous Th/Ar on fiber B.
HE_obs_thosimult Star on fiber A in HE mode.
Simultaneous Th/Ar in fiber B. (not recommended)


H. Le Coroller & S.A.Ilovaisky
Updated on: 18.07.12