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The NEON Euro Observing Summer School

The Network of European Observatoires in the North organizes a yearly observational Euro Summer School sponsored by the European Community. The coordinator of the NEON School is Michel Dennefeld (IAP, Paris), aided by an international steering committee. Participating observatories are: Asiago, Calar Alto and Haute-Provence, with assistance from ESO.

The 5th NEON summer school was held at
Observatoire de Haute-Provence
23 July - 5 August 2006.

The 2nd NEON summer school was held at OHP in July 2001. See also the IAP page

Read the web page at IAP (Paris) for more details on the 5th school. The NEON school is an extension and replacement for the older ESO/OHP summer school series.

The first school took place at Calar Alto Observatory (Spain) in July 10-20, 2000.
The third school took place at Asiago Observatory (Italy) on September 9-21, 2002.

For brief accounts of the older ESO/OHP Summer Schools see:

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