Figure 1 : As in past years, the official group photo is taken during the break in the talk by Ray Wilson. The organizers are still trying to explain this occurrence.

From left to right in the first row: Ray Wilson, M.-P. Véron, K. Eriksson, V. D'Odorico. Second Row: A. Fishburn, W. Gacquer, O. Barziv, N. Christlieb, D. Russeil, G. Dudziak, H. Gleisner, E. Pompei, C. Laffont, and C. Moutou. Third row: P. Crane, T. Stanke, A. Mathieu, M. Dennefeld, R. Voors, P. Royer, J.M. Perrin, J. Fynbo, S. Darbon, P. Gooufrooij, L. Kaper, B. Geiger, H. Schmidt. Missing: Törsten Böhm.